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The Oddbodz Comics & Games

These comics were published in K-Zone magazine for several years, a new one each month. I developed a short list of my favourite Oddbodz and told stories about their homeworld, Oddbodia, where the ugly is beautiful, the young are born old, and the silly is sensible. The hubris of ultra-genius Myron Megabrain is often the catalyst of the action. I also worked on some rather silly Oddbodz online games. I’ll include a few screenshots of them here.

The Oddbodz Games

There were six of them on K-Zone’s website. The one shown above involved the fiendish Time Turnips, super-intelligent Turnip life forms, shooting Time Bombs at the Oddbodz. These could either age or rejuvenate you, depending on the type of Time Bomb. Funkly D. Foole uses his Time Toilet lid to block the time bombs, and reflect them back up at the Time Turnips. Then there was Nerdy Neville’s trip back to the year 2 Million B.O. ( Before Oddbodz) in the Time Toilet. The Dinobodz ate the time toilet, so Nerdy has to shoot them with his Underpants-mounted Lax-o-Ray to make them, well, pass the pieces, so he can rebuild it to time-travel home. There was Myron’s Headswapper – typical Myron!  A game show was hosted by Staring Sara, there was Funky D. Foole’s Disco Oddferno dance challenge and a scary one, in which Mimi Screami wakes the Nearly Dead in a graveyard.

 Staring Sara’s Wheel of Foolishness, a complex game show which rewarded silly answers over factually correct ones, nearly killed the programmers 🙂