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The Honk – Internal Illustrations

The HONK is a hybrid novel for late primary age readers: extensively illustrated, but also a decent read. I’m writing for children who are past Junior Fiction, but maybe not up for vampires and dystopia. The HONK has a lighter tone, a less serious world view, some silly jokes, and this is communicated in the illustrations. The book is, however, a complex and lengthy story with touches of darkness, but also a lot of fun and humour, as good hearted kids battle against some awful adults.

Detail of Hex’s chart – his way of dealing with his various new classmates. Hex tells the story and draws the pictures that fill The HONK.

Space Klowns – Hex sees them everywhere. Is he losing his marbles?

Nara, a fellow ‘new Kid’ from the Horn of Africa, soon becomes involved in the search for The Honk, along with her friend, the gregarious, sports-mad Oriana. Hex’s new best buddy, Ken Harada suffers from chronic girl-o-phobia, further complicating Hex’s life. That’s Ken in the background, wondering what he’s missed.

Hex plays Honk Space as Sir Hexalot. His first flight in the K.S.S. Glitterbucket ends dramatically.

Another secret entrance to Ken’s underground lair: the South America Door. Don’t tell his little sister!

Your first class as the New Kid can feel like this.

Boys need to see representations of boys being affectionate, vulnerable, and open with their feelings. Ken and Hex hug, relieved to have their buddy back after a difficult situation tests their new friendship.