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The HONK is a comic adventure novel for middle grade readers. Hex is thirteen and small, with glasses and haystack hair. He’s the ‘New Kid’ at yet another school. This time, however, it’s a high school, and Pinkerton High is going to be one weird ride. Hex finds a strange computer loaded with an old online game called HONK SPACE. The game promises a life-changing prize: the HONK. In decades of frenzied game play, no one has ever found the HONK. Desperate to change his life, Hex vows to find this mysterious prize. But he’ll need new friends and allies to win the game, and to survive at Pinkerton High.

Progress on the cover: the odd curved computer on which the game runs, the four main characters, and retro-pixelly game imagery. The background teems with lurking threats and enemies …

The Universe of Honk Space is dominated by space klowns. Their spacecraft can appear odd to human eyes.

Pixel art elements for the cover.

An early cover, showing Hex above, with Ken, Oriana and Nara astride the world.

Eventually I want to print a full cover edition of The Honk, with internal illustrations like this.