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Commercial Illustration

I create illustrations for a range of clients. Here are some examples.

1 of 4 Garbage Pail Kids I painted recently for Topps. The otherrs are even grosser, which is kind of the point of GPK.

Luude, or at least his art director at Sweat It Out Music, loved Oddbodz – so here’s Oddbodzy LUUDE, Down Under Tour t-shirt, with glow in the dark ink.

This was deemed too far, even for GPK. Dang, it gave me a chuckle – but the lawyers said no.

Ben C. commissioned this Oddbodzy portrait card – he’s into nintendo, crypto and his hilariously grumpy cat Edward. We both had fun with this.

A friend’s daughter’s high school needed a hoodie design for their Cycling club. No one knows why it features a flaming skeleton, but it rocks!

A page from my forthcoming picture book, ‘Scary Bones’